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Travel description

La Cabane, 24510 Limeuil.

Most GPS systems have our address.
Enter the country: France, city: Limeuil, street: La Cabane.
Please note that there is also a Les Cabanes in our village. If you can not find the address ‘La Cabane, enter at street: Le Bousquet, and follow the signs La Cabane once arrived. Coordinates 44.894421, O.889127

From Paris:

  • On the Peripheral roundway follow the signs Bordeaux, A10
  • At Orleans direction Toulouse, A71
  • At Vierzon direction Toulouse / Brive, A 20
  • At Brive direction Périgueux, A 89, continue at *

From Bordeaux:

  • Follow the direction Périgueux / Brive, A89, proceed to *

From Toulouse:

  • Follow the direction Montauban / Brive, A20
  • At Brive direction Périgueux, A 89, continue at *

* Then:

  • At Perigueux on the first roundabout direction Le Bugue, D6089 – D710
  • In the center of Le Bugue (crossing La Vézère) over the bridge to Limeuil – Le Buisson, D31E1
  • Exit Limeuil, D51
  • Across the bridge (to the right is the Vézère) left at the bottom, Place du Port
  • You follow the bend to the right, away from the river
  • After 300 meters in a curve to the left, take the road to the right in a narrow Y-junction.
  • After 50 meters there is a right turn, take the second road following the curve to the right, road ascends.
  • Follow the road and after some buildings take the exit towards La Cabane (sign indicates La Cabane)
  • Follow the road again, and at the first junction turn right towards La Cabane (sign)
  • After 50 meters turn right (sign). You have arrived at La Cabane.